Move In Ready!  Single Story Home In Frisco

Move In Ready! Single Story Home In Frisco

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Big Developers Headed to Frisco

With the Cowboys moving in and Toyota moving next door, it appears that Frisco has hit the map with an explosion of construction.  Drive around town and there is development everywhere.  It is not only commercial development, but residential development as well.  The town as definitely living up to it reputation of being the fasting growing city in the nation.   In the last few weeks the public has caught wind of a new mixed-use development and a new soccer complex.

Check out these two new developments:

As Written in the Star Enterprise on September 22, 2014:

As Written in Lifestyle Frisco, September 23, 2014:

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West Frisco- Stunning 4 Bedroom with Study- Reduced to $425,000

774 Sleepy Creek - Flyer

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North Texas Real Estate Market Indicators



Each month I go over the Monthly Indicators report provided by the Collin County Association of Realtors.  I believe that understanding the real estate market is important not only to buyers and sellers, but to anyone who resides in an area.    It is an indicator of the health and stability of the overall economy.  We have been blessed in Texas not to get hit by the recession as hard as many other states.  Our recovery appears to be strong as well.  As of December 2013 this is where we stand:

  • Our Closed Sales from 2012 to 2013 were up 19.4%
  • Our Number of Days on the Market were down 29.4% (Average of 48 days)
  • Our Median Sales Price was up by 12.1% ($213,000)
  • Our Average Sales Price was up by 9.1% ($274,491)
  • Sellers Received an Average of 95.4% Percent of their Listing Price.
  • There were 23.9% less homes on the market in comparison to December 2012.  The 12 month average was at 25.8% less homes on the market.


In summary, the laws of supply and demand are in effect.  There are fewer houses on the market, coupled with higher land costs and building costs that are forcing the North Texas Markets to increase in price.  I truly believe that we will continue to see this trend through 2014.  Dallas and the surrounding communities are fast growing cities that are adjusting to the growth well.  With corporate movement in to the area housing prices will continue to rise and land value will go up as well.  It is a great time to live in North Dallas.  If you are interested in purchasing or investing in the Dallas Market, give us a call.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 214.387.4959.  
Mark and Mandy Detrick
The North Dallas Real Estate Team


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Win the $50,000 Give Away from Keller Williams by Downloading Our Mobile App!

50K Give away 2

Have you heard about the Keller Williams $50,000 giveaway (see details below.) No obligations other than just downloading our new mobile search app on your phone or tablet. We checked out the app and it is super user friendly.
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Here are the details: Between now and March 31, 2014, your opportunity to win comes by entering the “$50,000 Closer to Home Sweepstakes” through the Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search App. You don’t ever have to use the app… just download it. Anyone can participate no matter where they live, so feel free to pass this along to family or friends.

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Frisco, Texas – A Small Town No More

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI moved to Frisco in January of 2006 with my husband and two children, ages 3 and 7.  We moved to Frisco from Southern California in search of a better education for our kids.  We wanted our kids to be able to compete against other applicants going in to college and the California education system appeared to be weak and not improving. At the time, we looked at every state in the southern part of the U.S. and after visiting several cities we found that Frisco was the best place to call home.

In January of 2006 we saw opportunity and growth in Frisco.  The population when we arrived was 86,970+/- (Estimate from May 2006).  In January 2014 the population of Frisco is estimated at 137,330. To us, this growth is staggering and at times overwhelming when you think about it.  Where once there were fields and farms now stands a vast amount of homes and businesses.  The growth rate from 2000-2013 was at an astounding 303%.

Here is a comparison so you can understand the growth:

  • In the 2005-2006 school year there were 18 elementary schools, 6 middle schools and 2 high schools.
  • In the 2013-2014 school year there are 33 elementary schools, 13 middle schools and 6 high schools.

The good part is Frisco still has a small town feel.  There are multiple venues in the city to gather and get to know your neighbors.  People in Frisco love to be outdoors and the city planners really take this into consideration.  I believe that the venues that we have keep our residents in town for their entertainment, thus aiding in the feeling of community.

In the next few years I believe Frisco will transform in to an amazing city.  With the August 2013 Announcement of the Cowboys moving their World Corporate Headquarters to Frisco, I am sure we will see tremendous growth.  With a land mass of 72 square miles and only 57% of the land being built out I am hopeful that the city will continue to expand with careful consideration of the land use and focus on the family.

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North Texas Real Estate Market in 2014 Predicted to Remain Strong

774 Sleepy Creek_9822774 Sleepy Creek MD_1

Mark and Mandy Detrick of the North Dallas Real Estate Team of Keller Williams recently attended Rodney Anderson’s 2014 Economic Forecast for the Dallas Real Estate Market.   In the presentation Rodney made predictions regarding interest rates, inventory, and housing prices.

In 2014 we can expect to see an increase in interest rates for big purchase items (homes, automobiles, etc….).  We all need to remember that we were at historic lows a short time ago.  We also need to remember where the economy was at the time and why the interest rate were low.  We really don’t want the economy back in the state that it was, therefore we need to accept the fact that rising interest rates are actually showing that our economy is stabilizing.

We are still seeing a shortage of homes for sale in North Texas.  In November 2011 there were 40,102 homes for sale.  In comparison, in November 2013 there were 26,438 homes for sale.  This is a 20.1% decrease in the number of homes for sale.

With a shortage if homes comes an increase in prices.  This is multiplied in the North Texas Market because with the shortage comes in dramatic increase in the population as well.  In November 2011 the average closed sales price in North Texas was $140,000.   In November 2013 the average closed sales price was $170,000.  That is over 20% increase in sales prices for homes.  In a market that typically sees 2-3% increases, 20% is a huge increase.

If you would like more information, please give us a call, send us an email or visit our website,


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